6 Reality Stars Who Need to Get Back to Reality

Oh boy, these celebrities are something else. Their ridiculous antics keep us watching and reading about them. Here is a list of a few stars that are just so far gone that we think they need an intervention.1. Pauly DIt was inevitable that Pauly D … [Continue reading]

17 Celebrities with Awesome and REAL Bodies

These sexy stars show us that you don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. From hourglass to pear shaped, these glamorous women sure know how to stun on the red carpet! 1. Sofia Vergara We would have to agree with this sexy actress who was … [Continue reading]

17 Gay Actors Who Play Straight Characters

With Ellen Page being the latest movie star to come out, it seems fitting that we make a list to show that some of your favorite “straight” actors are not actually all that straight. Some of some of these actors might be a surprise to you because … [Continue reading]

Top 5 low-cost paradisiac places to visit

Wonderful places are can be visited at low price. You can profit from a mind-blowing diversity of travel experiences with hotel rates and services that are down the average. SOUTH AFRICA Nelson Mandelas’ hotel rate is 8 percent down compared to … [Continue reading]

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

Some boob jobs are right there, in your face. But these starlets went for a more subtle approach. Some of these celebrities might not look as if they have had any work done, but let us assure you that they most definitely have. 1. Halle … [Continue reading]

Celebrities Who Started Their Careers Early

Ryan Gosling Scarlett Johansson The Award-winning Hollywood actress and the dream-woman of thousands of men around the globe, Scarlett Johansson made her film debut in 1984. At the age of 10 she starred in the movie “North.” Scarlett is not only … [Continue reading]

Celebrities Who Defeated Cancer

Fran Drescher Kylie Minogue Famous pop-singer Kylie Minogue, whose hits were at the top of the world’s charts, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She had to cancel her concert tour to complete the chemotherapy course. After she got back on … [Continue reading]

Awkward Family Pictures

Because Dogs Are So Mainstream Merry Christmas What a perfectly captured moment. All the relatives and grannies who will see this picture as their Christmas card will adore it. May be they were just a little bit tired.  [next_page] Me and My Super … [Continue reading]

Save the Animals!

Illegal Hunting For Lemurs Save the Otters The skin of giant otters is very valuable, and these animals are hunted down throughout the world in their habitats. These animals have already disappeared in Uruguay, and there are a few left in … [Continue reading]

Age and Modelling: Successful Models over 40

Heidi Klum Helena Christensen, 45 Helena Christensen started her successful fashion career in the late 1980s. In 1986, she became Miss Denmark and presented her country at the Miss Universe contest. After the contest, she moved to Paris to further … [Continue reading]

The Southern Color of Barcelona

The Raval Cat Park Güell This unbelievable park with “dripping” houses, twisted benches and stone half-plants and half-animals is the work of Antoni Gaudi, the great architect, who spent about 15 years to create it. The unusually soft … [Continue reading]

Key to the Caucasus: Tbilisi

Msiuri Old City It’s a maze of crooked streets and balconies hanging overhead, famous Tbilisi yards and drying laundry everywhere. And squeezed among them are churches, mosques and synagogues – this city has always been home to all … [Continue reading]

Breathtaking Levitating Pictures

Lady Gaga

Seriously, Guys, Stop Floating Please Fly, Rex! I Believe in You The dog’s master seems to be more excited than this fluffy creature. That might have been the first time he saw his pet floating. Maybe this guy came home earlier than usual and saw … [Continue reading]

Perfect Matte Finish and DIY Lip Tips

Beautiful lips always draw attention! But they can be a little hard to achieve. Even the most pouty people can improve their lip look. Say mmuuuah! Perfect Matte Finish A really simple way for a perfect matte finish. Just use blush color on your … [Continue reading]

WOW! They Call This Water – Sochi Olympics Fail

Tweets are coming in from Sochi and from the sounds of it, Sochi is kind of a disaster. See for yourself. They Call This Water Though you might think this is a delicious glass of apple juice, it’s actually the water that comes from Sochi water … [Continue reading]

Best Of Doge Memes

Are you tired of cynical memes? Doge’s naivet exploded onto Reddit and now has us all worked-up again! We can’t help it, we love it when Doge “speaks” to himself! Rescuing Scarlett Johansson Doge’s so brave and psychic! He’s starts … [Continue reading]