16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

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Some boob jobs are right there, in your face. But these starlets went for a more subtle approach. Some of these celebrities might not look as if they have had any work done, but let us assure you that they most definitely have.

1. Halle Berry

Widely considered one of the most beautiful women alive, Halle shifted her look mid 2000’s and had some work done. It is pretty subtle but there is no the difference between early Halle and new Halle.


2. Kate Hudson

This Hollywood babe was known for her famous mother and megawatt smile. Remember the yellow dress she wore in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”? Well, if she put it on now, she would have filled it out much better.  There was scandal a few years ago when she went on vacation and was wearing a bikini top substantially larger.  We personally think she looks great and are glad she didn’t go the porn star route.


3. Nicole Richie

It is hard to remember that in a past life Nicole was Paris Hilton’s equally ditzy sidekick. If you also remember correctly, Nicole was flat as a board. Can you have a growth spurt in your 20’s? We have got to admit though that she is looking beautiful now that she is happily married to Joel Madden and has two beautiful children, Harlow and Sparrow.


4. Gwen Stefani

This ageless singer seems to get better looking the older she gets! It is hard to believe she is in her 40’s. We remember when Gwen was the sweet girl from Southern California wearing what looked like a headband as a bra. In the past years she has magically started to fill out a bit. She recently announced her third pregnancy with husband Gavin Rossdale. We wonder if she will have problems feeding her new babe with her understated additions. 16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

5. Christina Aguilera

Over the past few years we have seen Christina’s weight go up and down on “The Voice”. One thing that has remained is her ample bosom.  Since her music video “Dirrty”, Christina went from a flat Disney princess to an outright sexy star with moves to rival her vocals.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

6. Blake Lively

Some of Blake’s former work is so perfect (that nose!), that is it hard to believe it isn’t her own. But she also had a bit of work done a little lower than her nose. She went from training bras to filling out this dress quite nicely.  We do have to say that her plastic surgery is some of the best in tinsel town.  We wonder what her handsome hubby, Ryan Reynolds, thinks about her new curves.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

7. Kourtney Kardashian

With her sisters refusing to admit they have had work done, Kourtney is a breath of fresh air. She has always been quite open about her boobs. She always looks amazing in bikinis and all her clothing. Her breasts help create the famous Kardashian hourglass shape. Also good to know that you can breast feed with implants.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

8. Carmen Electra

This Playboy model and beach babe on the television series “Baywatch” admits to having a boob job and implanting double D’s. Later she admitted that maybe she did not need to go so large but if we are all honest, I think we can agree that her career is not solely based off her talent as an actress.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

9. Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie has been through many procedures including her breasts, fat injections into her scary evil granny hands, and believe it or not, a rhinoplasty. Yes, that is a nose job (we will let you add your own commentary here). Because she is so skinny, it is hard to believe that Sarah Jessica gained weight only in her boobs. If you check out the before and after pictures you can see her new nose and boobs fairly clearly.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

10. Salma Hayek

She got her start in a vampire movie called “From Dusk Til Dawn” and ever since has become and international superstar. Her body has changed with her career if you have been chronicling her time in Hollywood. Not that we have, but it is pretty obvious that she had some work done on her chest, not that she needed it. Her original bust size was a lovely and shapely set of C-cups has appeared to shoot up into a voluptuous D cup. There will always be speculation if she did or did not get plastic surgery, but either way we are still talking about her.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

11. Nicole Kidman

This once beautiful star has taken the plastic surgery route one too many times which you can see when she attempts to show any emotion in a movie, interviews or the red carpet. It is such a shame because it is easy to see why Tom Cruise and her were considered a 90′s power couple. Before the split, it is quite noticeable that she got a little help from the boob fairy. If you look at earlier pictures of Nicole, you can see she is frankly quite flat. But after 1997 she magically sprouted a lovely shapely pair of breasts. We are not complaining of course, but we hope they were not what started her downward spiral into the “Real Housewives” face tragedy.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

12. Tara Reid

Showing off discount plastic surgery has become a profession for Tara Reid over the past few years (which is probably good seeing she has not been getting work acting for ages- not including Sharknado of course). If you look at her pictures over the years, you can definitely see a difference in her curvaceous shape. In case you were still unsure if they are not real, Tara has admitted to having them done- we are shocked! In addition to having her breasts done, she has admitted to having undergone liposuction procedures as well. If you have seen her bikini pictures, you know what we are talking about.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

13. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlet changed her breast a lot along the years. Some might have thought it was a push up bra but this is not likely since the bra would be doing work no bra could ever do. Although Johansson might have relished in her ample bosom in her younger years, it appears as though she recently has come to the realization that she had gone too far. Her replacement boobs looks more natural and compliment her immaculate physique.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

14. Heidi Montag

This reality television star not only had her breasts done, but she underwent a record ten procedures in the same day. She had impacts put into her breasts and butt as well as liposuction and rhinoplasty. She has since regretted getting her F cup implants and has undergone a reduction in size to a C cup.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

15. Heather Morris

This “Glee” starlet became famous with her hilarious role on the television series. But before she started acting, she was a backup dancer for Beyonce. Yes, that Beyonce. She has admitted to getting some work done to even out her proportions.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

16. Bethenny Frankel

This television talk show host is always honest- you cannot fault her for that! She is open about her marriage, divorce, relationships with family and friends as well as the work she has had done on her chest.

16 Best Boob Jobs in Hollywood

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