17 Gay Actors Who Play Straight Characters

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With Ellen Page being the latest movie star to come out, it seems fitting that we make a list to show that some of your favorite “straight” actors are not actually all that straight. Some of some of these actors might be a surprise to you because their characters are known for being as straight as an arrow. We have to admit that we were even shocked with a couple of them! I guess that is why they are called actors.

1. Jim Parsons, ‘Garden State’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’

There were rumors that have been swirling for years that Jim Parsons was gay but it was not confirmed until 2012 when it was officially reported by The New York Times. Surprise! He has even been in a long-term relationship for the past 10 years! Granted he never plays a jock womanizer type (can you imagine Sheldon Cooper as a playboy?) but in the film “Garden State” he played the boyfriend of Zac Braff’s character’s mother.

17 Gay Actors Who Play Straight Characters

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