Bizarre Japanese Toys

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Road kill kitty and more fun toys from Japan to delight children of all ages.

Creepy Doll Clones

The coolest thing those crazy Japanese kids are doing is having their head cloned and put on doll bodies. We kid you not. They aren’t real cloned heads mind you, but the kind that come out of 3D printers. The result is an extremely realistic and creepy head put atop a marionette style doll body. So other than preserving your youth in doll form, we can’t imagine why anyone would shell out 1000 plus dollars for this. Maybe you always wanted a twin? Or to stare at your own face all day long? Whatever the purpose we are pretty weirded out by this whole thing. Dolls should look fake like raggedy Ann, not an ageless copy of your mid twenties self.

Bizarre Japanese Toys

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