Coolest Dads of All Time

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Our own dads are the best. But we’ve got to admit that these celeb and TV dads are way cool.

Michael Bluth in Arrested Development

The only word that comes to mind when thinking of the Bluth family is ‘dysfunctional’. In fact, that’s probably quite generous. Widower Michael Bluth, the only Bluth with any sense of reality, takes over the family business after his father’s creative accounting lands the family in hot water. He still manages to make his son, George Michael, his priority. Selfish, materialistic and somewhat deluded, the Bluth family are all interesting characters. Michael understandably gets fed up with his family often. Though he threatens to leave them to their own devices, he never does. Because he wants George Michael to grow up around family, as kooky as they are. He tries to instill responsibility in George Michael by giving him a job at the banana stand. While he doesn’t like his son’s girlfriend, he attempts to get to know her by taking a road trip to Mexico with her. He does wind up leaving her stranded there, but that’s neither here nor there.

Coolest Dads of All Time

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