Do Video Games Create Violence?

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Think gaming creates killers? Think again.

Video Games and Shootings

The greatest push against violent games always comes in the wake of an even greater tragedy. The media’s conversation often turns to the subject of games so quickly, sometimes even before the real details of the massacre have emerged. This indicates less about the games themselves and more about the extreme paranoia that surrounds them. Sure, paranoia often has its basis in true fact, but the nature of paranoia often blows things out of proportion. Paranoia is fear taken beyond its logical conclusion and ultimately one of the most destructive social ills we as people suffer from. Let’s give you an example: before the true body count had even surfaced, before any interviews were done with those who knew the man, and before a proper search of his dorm room had been conducted, stories about the Virginia Tech Shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, and his obsession with violent games had already hit the air waves. A thorough search his dorm soon followed and not a single video game or gaming system was found. In an interview, Cho’s college roommate said he had never witnessed the shooter playing games. Are any of these important details? Well, if you’re in the media, apparently not. That said, let’s take a look at the three most notorious mass shootings this country has ever seen.

Do Video Games Create Violence?

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