Heartwarming! Random Acts of Kindness

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Many people who travel often talk about the kindness of strangers because sometimes it is only when you are truly alone that you are able to see that the world is not so big after all. Friends can be made everywhere and you’d be surprised at how many people are willing to help you out in times of need. Here are a few cases where kindness is present not just in foreign places you vacation to, but literally everywhere. Pay it forward, do something to make someone happy today.

Happiness Sprinkling

Started in 2012 by Laura Lavigne, the Happiness Sprinkling Project promotes positivity and love on random street corners in cities all over the country. Volunteers dress up in bright yellow shirts and hold signs telling people “You Are Loved”, “Be You”, “It’s Going To Be Okay”, “Live Your Dream” and more. Those who saw them honked, waved, joined in, received a hug, or smiled. It seems that something as simple as a stranger telling you that you are good enough can make a big difference.

Heartwarming! Random Acts of Kindness

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