JK Rowling: Secrets Behind Harry Potter

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Learn how the brilliant J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter, the best selling series of all time.

Hidden Meanings in Harry Potter??

Harry Potter readers notice parallels and hidden meanings scattered all over the books. Here are a few you may have missed. Malfoy, the notoriously Pureblood family that has aligned itself with Voldemort, is derived from the French mal foi, meaning bad faith. Voldemort, loosely translated, comes from vol de mort, or flight from death. Throughout the series, he seeks to escape death and does so by creating Horcruxes in hopes of becoming immortal. The reputable center of Diagon Alley can be accessed from the Leaky Cauldron by tapping one’s wand in a diagonal pattern on the wall. The shady Knockturn Alley is a homophone of ‘nocturnally’, referring to darkness and nighttime. “Morsmordre”, the incantation to cast the Dark Mark, means “take a bite out of death” when loosely translated. And the biggest one of all? Voldemort’s heritage and rise to power parallels Adolf Hitler’s. Oh J.K. Rowling, you clever, clever woman.

JK Rowling: Secrets Behind Harry Potter

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