Healthy & Delicious Salads

You’ve been hearing it since the begin of time, you need your five fruits and veggies each day! Ain’t nobody got time for that, so a salad is an easy way to get all the nutrients without all the fuss! Here are some delicious ways to meet your … [Continue reading]

Ways to Wear an Orange Lip

Think you can’t wear an orange lip? Think again! One of makeup’s hottest new trends can be worn by anybody. On Tan Skin The tan-skin beauties of the world have nothing to fear with this trend. Whether you have a caramel or olive complexion, you … [Continue reading]

Unbelievably Easy Decorating Tricks

From eye-popping details to time-saving innovations, these ingenious tips will streamline your house in no time. Insta-Wall Love the memories you’ve posted to your Instagram? Well, take the fun off the screen and into your apartment. Use a photo … [Continue reading]

Unbelievable Before & After Rescue Dog Transformations

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing the amazing transformations of rescued dogs. Get ready to bring the tissue out. Ripley The Little Miracle Ripley’s story is truly amazing! He was found barely alive and was being consumed by his … [Continue reading]

Creepy Abandoned Castles

Katy Perry

There are castles with centuries of history sitting abandoned around the world. Would you dare step inside one of these spooky palaces? Miranda Castle The Miranda Castle in the Celles region Belgium was occupied until WWII, after that it was used … [Continue reading]

Celebs Who Are Going Bald, Fast!

They try and hide it, but plenty of men in hollywood are rapidly losing their hair. Jude Law Say it ain’t so! Hollywood heartthrob Jude Law’s widow peak is obviously caving in; that hipster mustache won’t hide it. [next_page] Jon Cryer … [Continue reading]

Heartwarming! Random Acts of Kindness

Many people who travel often talk about the kindness of strangers because sometimes it is only when you are truly alone that you are able to see that the world is not so big after all. Friends can be made everywhere and you’d be surprised at how … [Continue reading]

You Know You Were Born in the 90s When…

You Had Your Own Pet Shop These Trolls Probably Look Strange to Our Children But we adored them so. Their great colorful hair. The smaller it was, the cooler. Now they probably look not so cool, but nevertheless we love them still. [next_page] Your … [Continue reading]

15 World’s Most Believed Stereotypes

?Discovering Food, USA Sausage Fury, Germany German people sometimes are perceived as being too strict, tidy and weird. When someone says anything about Germany, it is easy to see a picture in one’s mind’s eye of Brandenburg Gate. In the … [Continue reading]

World’s Greatest Street Performers


Silver Singing Cowboy Wind Up Dolls Have you ever tried to bring into action a special living toy only with a key turning? Wind up Dolls may give you such an opportunity. This troupe of street performers uses tales from the four corners of the earth … [Continue reading]

These Statues Know What a Bad Day Is

Chopping Wood Catching Spiderman! Some can’t help but be rude to you, Spidie! Every sculpture of the city is fed up with you. Why do you think it is appropriate to shoot us with your web without any excuses? [next_page] Figting for a Kid There is … [Continue reading]

How to Choose between Two Women

Listen to Your Heart Think of Their Good Qualities What benefits does each girl have? Think of the appearance, character, life goals, and prospects of dating each of the girls. Figure out what qualities are really important to you and try to … [Continue reading]

The Castles and Palaces of Bavaria


Festung Marienberg, Würzburg Schloss Neuschwanstein, Schwangau The line of tourists waiting to get in sometimes stretches for half a mile. It’s best to visit Neuschwanstein in fall or winter when there’s fewer people, especially since … [Continue reading]

15 Weirdest Uses for a Laptop

Cooking Cut It What type of hardboard, oh, no sorry, a hard disk do you have? What a funny question it might have been but for some reasons it is either a hard disk and hardboard altogether! Bull’s eye! [next_page] Laptop Exchange What can be … [Continue reading]

Hilarious Famous Pets of Instagram

Adorable Bunnies Fashion Dog from San Francisco Meet Trotter. He is a fashion-addicted French bulldog from San Francisco. He is definitely a master of style…and probably one of these mystical hipster dogs. [next_page] The Most Famous … [Continue reading]

Funny and Useful Gadgets for a Creative Kitchen


Drive Through Your Pizza Best Thing since Sliced Bread While there are many great knives and gadgets to cut pizza, taking it off the plate is a bigger challenge at times, especially when you are passing it out to other people and don’t want to … [Continue reading]