Best Moments of Super Bowl XLVIII

Seattle Seahawks Fans Celebrate the Victory The Seattle Seahawks Were Unstoppable This Evening The most anticipated event of the year was entertaining and disappointing at the same time. The Seahawks were rock-solid, dominated during the whole game … [Continue reading]

The Movie Mark Zukerberg is Lex Luthor!?

Believe it or not the same guy that played Mark Zuckerberg is going to be one of the stars of the upcoming Supherhero film. Get the hottest scoop right here! Surprise! He’s Playing Lex Luthor If you were shocked thinking that the pale, rail thin … [Continue reading]

Reasons Why Old People Rock On the Internet


Who knew old folks online could be so funny? We love em for trying, but there’s that moment when they want to “friend” you on social media and a big question mark runs across your mind! How Could We Resist! Aww, Granny’s so adorable we’d … [Continue reading]

The Most Miserable Cities in America

A number off sources — including Forbes and Parenting magazines and the Gallup polling group — have released their determination of which cities or metros are the worst. Not surprisingly, Forbes cares most about issues like taxation and real … [Continue reading]

Get Perfect Pink Lips and Other DIY Tricks

Check out these really simple ways to get perfect pink lips. These tips are very easy to follow and you will have everyone staring at your lips Always Use Pencil Make sure you have a great lip pencil, gloss and pin lipstick. Start with drawing a … [Continue reading]

HILARIOUS! Scarlett Johansson Photobombs


Scarlett Johansson is everywhere these days. And we mean EVERYWHERE. You better watch out. She might be behind you right now! GASP! Oh, sorry. We thought that was her. Making Fun of Miley in the Window “Bleeeeuuuhhhhh….That’s what you look … [Continue reading]

Women’s Logic In Relationships

Face it men, you love her for not being like you! BUT it’s always nice to have a bit comic relief when life with her gets too zany. Dreams Are Real A woman spends a lifetime dreaming-up an amazing life, so when her man creates a nightmare. . . … [Continue reading]

UNUSUAL! When Different Animal Species Bond With Each Other

Animals are interesting creatures. In the zoo they’re separated by species, but in the wild, they’re free to mingle with whichever other animals they may want to. Check out these unusual animal friendships! Chimpanzee and Tiger This may be the … [Continue reading]

Farmer Dumps Several Tons of Horse Sh*t on French Parliament Building

Why are the French protesting their government in the grossest way possible Can you imagine if someone did this in the U.S.?! … [Continue reading]

How Geeks and Needs Express Love

Geeks and Nerds have their own special ways of expressing how they feel to the love of their lives. See how creative they can get Cutie 3.14 It doesn’t matter which circles you goes through, your love will always be the same. How sweet. … [Continue reading]

Your Dream Disney Wedding

If you and your true love are inspired, the “dream” can be made real in a Disney themed wedding, all that’s needed is inspired creativity! Disney Princess Bridesmaids Imagine a wedding where everything is Disney. Each of the bridesmaids is … [Continue reading]

MUST SEE! Unbelievable Snow Creations

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery

Snow can be the worst. But it can also be the best! Check out what some of these creative people did with the cold weather. Snow Dog The similarity is amazing. [next_page] Snow Art This modern sculpture is super impressive. [next_page] Snow … [Continue reading]

Most Popular Gang Tattoos

These are some symbols to look out for if you think someone you know might be banging, or if you are just interested in the rougher side of life. Aryan Brotherhood This is one of the Aryan Brotherhood’s most soulless killers, and the swastika on … [Continue reading]

Awesome Maps That Explain Everything

They say most Americans can’t find Russia on a map, but that’s because they didn’t use these awesome maps in our high school geography class. The American Brand Unfortunately corporations rule America and there is no map that illustrates this … [Continue reading]

Mind Blowing Facts That You Didn’t Know About Coffee

Sixty percent of people in the U.S. drink approximately 646 million cups per day, yet many of these fascinating coffee facts are unknown! Coffee As An Alternative Car Fuel Scientists are researching new uses of coffee beans. Their studies show the … [Continue reading]

Surreal, Man and Dog Re-enact Iconic Movie Scenes

A dog is a man’s best friend, and vice versa. Watch as this man poses with his pooch to re-create some well-known movie scenes. The Notebook (2004) Rachel McAdams doesn’t quite look like the pup, but it’s a cute picture … [Continue reading]