First World Problems On Twitter

Do you find yourself complaining a lot? If so, your not alone.. it’s become a national epidemic! Since When Are Jeeps Not Cool? You can always try public transport and avoid car status comparisons? [next_page] What.. Apple Not Good Enough? … [Continue reading]

People Who Are Forever Alone :(

No one’s texted you all day or liked your Facebook posts? Cheer up. You’ll never be as forever alone as these guys are. Two Become One I think I’ve figured out why he’s single. [next_page] Action! We honestly don’t see the problem. … [Continue reading]

The Best YouTube Comments Ever

Everybody loves to view and write comments on YouTube. Check out some of the best ones out there Mushroom Cuteness We think that this kid is so adorable! Sort of looks like those cute mushrooms in the Super Mario games. [next_page] Mr. White Is … [Continue reading]

Most Unbelievable Tattoos

You won’t even believe these are real tattoos.. They’re some of the most otherworldly tattoos ever! Mind-Boggling 3-D Tattoo Amazing, isn’t it? The 3-D tat almost appears carved! It’s so perfect, we’d be tempted to “knock” on it, just … [Continue reading]

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Related!

Hollywood is totally incestuous, here’s a bunch of family relationships you never knew about. Snoop Dogg and Brandy That’s right, Brandy Norwood and Calvin Broadus are first cousins. As if being the sister of the star of Kim K Superstar (Ray J, … [Continue reading]

Funny Humanitarian Causes That Need Your Help!

Please help us raise awareness for these unique, not fake at all, philanthropic causes. Everyone can play a part for the greater good. Don’t let the WHOLE WORLD fall apart. Crisis Hotline For Girls Named Ariel Join the efforts to stop the Little … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Throw a Tantrum as an Adult

Check out our guide to throwing the best tantrum of your adult life! You don’t have to be a kid to get some bad attention. Beer Hoarders If you happen to be living with someone that you demand attention from, keep a case of beer in your fridge … [Continue reading]

Animal Photobombs Are Even Better

What, now animals are in on Photobombs too?! Although they know not what they do, hilariously these creatures sure seem to! Camels Look Mean! Ugh!! That must’ve been a real shocker! Thanks, we’re never ever going near camels! … [Continue reading]

Disney’s Miserable Ever After

Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein has produced a conceptual series called Fallen Princesses. It depicts fairy tale princesses after the fairy tale ends. Snow White This probably isn’t really what Snow White had in mind when she woke up to … [Continue reading]

This is The Most Dangerous Trail on Earth. Where Does it Lead?

This journey is not for the faint of heart. The only thing crazier than this death defying trail is the unexpected place where it ends. The Most Dangerous Trail on Earth Yes, it’s possible to risk your life and take this trail. Read on … [Continue reading]

Hilarious! When Brits Label America

Sure, British types like to think they’re smarter than us. But let’s see how they stack up when it comes to labeling states (spoiler alert: they’re really bad). “The Midwest Has Ceased to Exist” Well that was a painfully accurate burn. … [Continue reading]

Best of Golden Globes!

The Golden Globes happened on Jan 12th and they’re one of the first award shows of the season. Here are some of the best moments of the Globes. Julia Smokes At The Globes Yes, that’s Julia Louis Dreyfus smoking an electronic cigarette and … [Continue reading]

The Craziest Tech Achievements of 2013

We take a look back on the most important technology developments and inventions during 2013 iPhone 5S Fingerprint ID Scanner Apple seems to always be on top of their game. Their latest iPhone, the 5S, features something that has never been done … [Continue reading]

Concept Cars We Want Now!

Still not sure what your dream car would look like? It is probably a little something like one of these awesome concepts. Here are some of the best cars that were never made. Ferrari Millenio One of the many coveted designs of Marko Petrovic, its … [Continue reading]

What Happened in this Creepy Abandoned Holy Land Will Shock You

Connecticut seems an unlikely stand-in for the Holy Land. But a devout Catholic built a re-creation of all things Biblical. But since its closure, this would-be paradise has turned into a land of perdition where tragedy struck at the foot of the … [Continue reading]

Things You Never Knew About Toy Story

Find out some of the little known facts about the famed Toy Story trilogy! You Are A Toy…That’s It? “You Are A Toy” was said to be the original name for the movie. That would not have been nice, these are more than toys. They have hopes, … [Continue reading]