A Few Great Posts From Reddit

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If you haven’t seen these hilarious posts and photos you must. We have curated them for you in one place. True Fear? The expression of true fear [next_page] Winter in Krakow This picture totally takes your breath away. A color picture that … [Continue reading]

Surreal Photos Taken By Normal People

These photos are both funny and surreal. They were taken by normal people and submitted to Reddit and Imgur Selfie When Washing Dishes Taking a picture of your eye when you are washing the dishes [next_page] Two People Who Took Photos of … [Continue reading]

Inspirational Freedom Quotes

Is Partial Freedom Possible? Freedom Doesn’t Mean That One Is Free of Responsibility The more freedom you get, the more difficult it is to be responsible for all your deeds. We should never forget that every new opportunity that life offers to … [Continue reading]

Stay Away from These: The Most Poisonous Creatures on Earth

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African Tarantula Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog If you’ve ever been in the forests of Central and Southern America, you have probably seen small pretty frogs. In addition, you have probably been warned that they are extremely poisonous … [Continue reading]

The Cutest Cases of Animal Friendship Ever

A Dog and a Bear A Pigeon and a Monkey Many people consider pigeons to be annoying. But for this monkey, the pigeon is its best friend. It’s both cute and hilarious, how the monkey is hugging the bird. It’s as if it’s trying to console the … [Continue reading]

The Most Fascinating Places in Norway

Jotunheimen Atlantic Road Even if you don’t see the whales while traveling along the Atlantic coast, you’ll still have a chance to enjoy the amazing landscapes, natural to this region, rich in various birds and seals. An unusual … [Continue reading]

The Most Inspiring Quotes of Steve Jobs

Successful People Guess What Will Be Needed in the Future Find the Job You’ll Enjoy Somehow your heart knows what job you were born for. If all people chose the work they really enjoy, the world would be much more wonderful. If your job … [Continue reading]

The Voices Of Disney

Remember these Disney Characters? You’ll be quite surprised to find out who voiced them! Beast The voice of the beast, Robbie Benson, lost the actual live role of Luke Skywalker to Mark Hammil. That would turn any man into a beast. Hang in there … [Continue reading]

The Most Terrifying Pics on Google Street View

Google Street View is awesome! You can see where you’re going, find where you’ve been, and digitally travel the world. But some of the pictures on there can get pretty creepy… See the places you don’t want to visit. Dumpster Mannequins They … [Continue reading]

Has Niagara Falls Frozen Over?

If you haven’t heard, the country is pretty much frozen over. But have you seen Niagara Falls? … [Continue reading]

Polar Vortex: What Does This Have to Do With Global Warming?

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The north polar vortex caused bitter temperatures in the northeast states of America for the first week of the new year, 2014. But is global warming to blame? Frozen Trucks Highways were frozen over causing many accidents, such as this truck. Not … [Continue reading]

Welcome To Chiberia – Chicago Goes From Deep-Dish to Deep Freeze

Chicago was hit hard with the polar vortex that froze the northeast for the new year. Frozen water, people and cars are the norm, in the city that used to the cold, but not this cold. Frozen Wasteland Chicago is a frozen wasteland, with people … [Continue reading]

First World Problems

Sometimes we forget how lucky we truly are, and sometimes life doesn’t really suck as much as we think. Showering In The First World Is Tough Oh oh.. but at least the john is right there . . . [next_page] A Traumatic Dilemma Is it better to be … [Continue reading]

10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Black

They may not look it, but these celebrities are actually black. See the hidden diversity of Hollywood. Rashida Jones She’s currently on Parks and Rec, but has been on The Office and in movies like The Social Network and I Love You, Man. Her … [Continue reading]

The Most Expensive Jewelry On Earth

These gems are the most coveted in the world! The jewelry pieces they adorn often hold history and sometimes mystery. The Graff Pink: $46.2 Million This rare 24.78-carat pink diamond is nick named ‘pink panther’ and considered the “greatest … [Continue reading]

The Worst Pinterest Food Disasters


Sure, everything looks great on pinterest, and then you try to make it at home . . . Nailed It This went from cute sheep to not cute marshmallow pin cushion. [next_page] Deformed So what happened to the pretzels? Those seemed like a big key to … [Continue reading]