The Most Miserable Cities in America

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A number off sources — including Forbes and Parenting magazines and the Gallup polling group — have released their determination of which cities or metros are the worst. Not surprisingly, Forbes cares most about issues like taxation and real estate, while Parenting focuses and crime and Gallup on how happy residents say they are. Together they give a decent overview as to which cities to stay away from — or move out of if you are unlucky enough to already live there.

St. Louis

St. Louis was named the 12th worst city by Forbes and the second most crime infested by Parenting. Forbes said that only St. Louis and Detroit ranked in the bottom half of every criterion it looked at, while Parenting says it is near the top in violent crime and sex offenders per capita. The inclusion of crime- and gang-infested East St. Louis, Ill., in the metro didn’t help.

The Most Miserable Cities in America

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