Top 5 low-cost paradisiac places to visit

parental_child_abduction_dominican_republicWonderful places are can be visited at low price. You can profit from a mind-blowing diversity of travel experiences with hotel rates and services that are down the average.


Nelson Mandelas’ hotel rate is 8 percent down compared to the previous years. You can enjoy safari or just hang out with the free-roaming penguins on Boulders Beach, Cape Town. Let’s take the case of Kruger National Park. The entrance fee is 20 USD (14, 51 EUR). In the Park, you will discover savage animals of Africa such as buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, ant lion, and rhino beetle. They are gathered in one place just to make visitor’s pleasures. And this is mostly the case in all sites and attractions in South Africa. You can go swimming and surfing with lifeguards present. In Soweto township, in Johannesburg, holiday makers are free to pay a visit at the Nelson Mandela Museum and the Apartheid Museum. Restaurants in Vilikazi Street offer the best African food at a very low price.

VENICE (favorite destination and yet low-cost)

Although Venice is categorized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, hotel rates and services are low-cost compared to other destinations. With opulent Venetian atmosphere, consider that you can have commodities and luxuries easily. One night 3-Stars hotel only costs around 14 Euros or 19, 3 USD in minimum. The maximum is reaching 80Euros or the equivalence of 110, 26 USD. Spending holidays in Venice is now more affordable than before with hotel rates down 7 percent compared to last year. Meanwhile, you can plan a trip visiting the Piazza San Marco and other attracting places.


Hotel rates are pretty the same as in Venice. For instance, let’s take the Plaza Real Resort – Juan Dolio. Rooms are equipped with multiple services made at tourists’ disposal. One night in this luxurious hotel cost from 34, 46 USD (25Euros). Resorts are more than affordable offering the best panoramic view to beaches and ocean. Another option is a visit to Los Haitises National Park where renting a kayak is at $3 (plus a licensed guide).


Some people call it the “Paris of South America”. This romantic city provides one of the most affordable commodities and services at very low price. This place is the paradise for pizza and tango. You can also visit museums (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires for example) and other historical sites at low price. Tickets for Teatro Colon, houses opera and ballet performances are sold at reasonable prices (about 9USD) and the guided tour at 10USD.


Seafood and a rich history await holidaymakers at affordable prices. Special deals and discounts can be seen in almost all hotels in Atlantic Canada. With 48, 24 USD (35 Euros), you can spend one night in Country Hearth Inn Atlantic City/Galloway – Galloway. Of course, with more than that, all attractions, services and commodities are at your disposal. You can also buy a ticket at 10USD to enter the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and its wharves.

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